How We Got Started

The Nerdrums Story

When we started Nerdrums in 2012, we had a vision of being able to help companies scale their products and services while providing the best to their customers. This led us to work as a consultant/advisory with many businesses ranging from seed funding to public companies. We’ve met amazing people and seen the shift and evolution in technology offered. Yet, we have noticed some concerning points, leading us to use the knowledge & research we have gathered and the community we are building to address these concerns.

Working internally with business units to help them grow their revenue and market share allows you to see a lot. From talking with board members, working with VC firms and investors, to meeting continually with executive leadership, you see that in some cases, the company’s values don’t match the actions. Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent and well-run companies. Still, there are many that ride the fine line of ethics in industries that are valued pieces in our economic growth for our societies.

Nerdrums mission is to build a solid community to research and analyze these broken pieces. Identify the companies and technologies with the people’s best interests at heart Vs. Those who are trying to take advantage of the people for profits or other motives. And, together, make the changes needed to boost economic growth through honest business practices.


What can we do to make a change?

While change has to start somewhere, we have found our somewhere in the foundation of how money is transferred and our financial institutions. A technology we have been diving deep in throughout the last few years is blockchain and the build/rollout of a Web3 infrastructure. This technology is still in its infancy, with many lingering questions leading to slow build and slow adoption.

Nerdrums is focused on breaking down Web3, identifying blockchain use cases, and educating the market on the infrastructure and functionality. We are building a strong community committed to seeing the vision of change blockchain can provide and taking back the technology landscape from the few and decentralizing it to the many.


It has to start somewhere

Web3 blockchain technology isn’t the sole pillar of change, nor is Nerdrums limiting itself strictly on the blockchain. This is just the beginning focus as we start to lay the foundation of where we will be going. website is where we will be breaking down the industry and providing research. We will identify and break down the different companies in the industry from what they do, why they are doing it, and their benefits to the end-users. We will also dive into the markets, dissect the trends, provide analysis snapshots, etc.