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We are on the cusp of a new digital age. Advancements in Web3 Blockchain technology with cryptocurrency are changing how we live and do business. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are taking the markets by storm, while Web3 is challenging traditional banking systems and the internet as we know it. The future is now, and it’s time to decentralize. Are you ready?


Decentrailized Finance, Apps and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is only the begining


Changing the way we do business forever! Giving power back to the people


Fuiling the blockchain and removing the need for a central monetery authority

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Our Mission

Nerdrums mission is to build a solid community to research and analyze the broken business pieces. Identify the companies and technologies with the people’s best interests at heart Vs. Those who are trying to take advantage of the people for profits or other motives. And, together, make the changes needed to boost economic growth through honest business practices.

While change has to start somewhere, we have found our somewhere in the foundation of how money is transferred and our financial institutions. A technology we have been diving deep in throughout the last few years is blockchain and the build/rollout of a Web3 infrastructure. This technology is still in its infancy, with many lingering questions leading to slow build and slow adoption.

Nerdrums is focused on breaking down Web3, identifying blockchain use cases, and educating the market on the infrastructure and functionality. We are building a strong community committed to seeing the vision of change blockchain can provide and taking back the technology landscape from the few and decentralizing it to the many.